Keep Your Best Friend Safe With A Rolled Leather Dog Collar

A dog can be one of the best friend’s you’ll ever have in this world. It’s hard not to smile when you are greeted by a welcoming bark and a wagging tail. Taking good care of your dog is probably a top priority in your life, and it’s understandable that you want your pet to have the best food and accessories available to ensure his or her happy existence. When searching for a good quality dog collar for your pet, the rolled leather dog collar is a great choice.

There are many kinds of dog collars available, which you can see by looking at the selections online or at the local pet supply store. It may be tempting to just pick any old collar, as they can all tend to look the same after a while. However, looks can be deceiving. Because your dog cannot speak and tell you which collar they prefer, you’ll be the one making this important decision. Most dogs wear their collar every day, so you don’t want to make a snap decision that may be the wrong choice for your dear pet.

While dog collars are made out of several different materials these days, many pet owners rely on the traditional leather collar as being the most stylish and durable. For decades, leather has been the top choice of material for the dog collar. An active dog tends to get into a variety of situations that cause them to run, jump, squirm and tumble in the dirt, grass or explore around homes and buildings. Leather is sturdy and will last through many adventures with your dog, whether they are roaming around indoors or out in the elements.

Once you’ve made the decision to go with leather, the next step is to decide on what type of leather collar is best? Comfort and safety come first when making this choice. Let’s address the comfort issue first. A rolled leather dog collar is preferable over a flat design for the simple reason that it is going to be a lot more comfortable around your dog’s neck. A flat collar will normally have a rough and smooth side. The smooth side is what the world sees, while the rough side constantly sits against the dog’s fur.

The rougher edge causes friction every time the dog moves, and this friction often leads to the hair around the neck area being damaged. When you lift the collar up, you can see that hair in this area will be flattened and broken off by all that rubbing. Besides that, flat collars aren’t that comfortable to wear. Imagine having to wear a collar around your neck all the time that rubbed against your skin. Not something you’d want to deal with, right?

Well, the rolled leather dog collar is designed in a way to never allow a rough edge to touch your furry friend. The collar has smooth, rounded edges and is very comfortable for all dog breeds. These collars usually have a buckle and extra ring for dog tags and a leash. Colors choices are: black, brown, tan, white, pink and red.

Okay, now let’s quickly talk about safety. While some may think that placing a collar on a dog is somehow restricting them, consider the consequences of your dog getting lost and there’s no way to identify your pet or the owner. Dog collars hold dog tags so someone can easily contact you in case of an emergency. That’s reason enough to get your dog a beautiful rolled leather dog collar to wear for all occasions.

Facts About Collars and Collar Stiffeners

Collar generally refers to the dress part which is fastened around neck. Various types have been developed in course of time with changes in style and fashion. They have been divided into three categories-turnover collars, flat collars and standing collars. There are many other types which are popular all over the world. Some of the styles are still in vogue and some of them were a popular fashion in past.

A Chinese collar is open in front. It’s a standing type and is usually short. It is also known as Cadet Collar or Mandarin collar. Nehru collar is also a standing type that is fastened together in front. A Chelsea collar is flat type which has pointed and long ends. It is used generally with V-neck. This variety was in vogue in 1960s and 1980s.

Cape collar falls over shoulders in frill. Detachable collar can be attached and removed from the garment as and when desired. It is attached to the shirt by the use of buttons. Poet collar has pointed and long ends. Button down collars have collar ends buttoned to garment. A turtleneck extends to the wearer’s chin.

Collars are generally stiffened by the usage of interfacing. This means attaching the fabric folds to other side of collar which isn’t seen. When the collar isn’t stiff, it’s referred as soft collar.

Stiffeners is the most used term in apparel world with regards to collar. The metal collar stiffeners or plastic collar stiffeners can be used to keep it stiff.Collar stiffeners are accessories of men’s shirt. Every man should have stiffeners as his clothing accessory.

Shirt collar stiffeners are quite rigid, smooth metal strips. They can be made up of different elements or materials like brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, horn, plastic or mother of pearl rounded at an end and pointed at another, inserted to pockets specially made on underside of shirt collar of a man for stabilizing the points. The collar stays ensure that collar lies flat against collar bones, to stay in proper place and to look crisp.

Collar stays are mainly sold in sewing and fabric supply stores, haberdashers and clothing stores of men. They must be removed from the shirts before press ironing or dry cleaning. Shirts which are press ironed with these not being removed, can be damaged. Some of the shirts have the stays that are sewn to collar and are not removable.

Now that you know about varied kind of collar stiffeners you can simply go ahead and buy one.

Varieties of Collars and Collar Stays

One will be amazed to know about the varieties of collars that have been in fashion for decades. Wearing collars on their dresses was taken as a token of great status and class in the early years. The tailors used to stitch various different types of collars according to the demands of the customers who used to wear shirts and coats with collar. There have been various types of collars designed and developed by tailors and designers all over the world in course of time as the style and fashion of different eras changed.

While categorizing collars, there are three basic types –

* Turnover collars – The basic collars that we see in most shirts are turnover collars. As the name suggests, the turnover collars are semi rigid and can be turned over and folded.

* Flat collars – These are the collars that lay flat on the shoulders, like those in formal suits.

* Standing collars – The standing collars are usually seen in specially designed coats and jackets, in which the collar is rigid and is cut in a way so that it stands erect.

Classifying the styles of the different stays that have been in fashion over the years, the very first style that comes to mind is the Chinese, which is open in front. It is a standing style and is a little short. Another very popular style in standing collar is the Nehru which is fastened together in the front with buttons.

The Chelsea stays which was very popular and in vogue in the 1960 to 1980 period, is actually a flat type with long and pointed ends. A turtleneck collar on the other hand extends to the chin of the wearer. It can be usually seen in long overcoats and some designer shirts. There was also a detachable collar in fashion once which could be attached to the shirt with the help of buttons and again detached when needed. It is however out of fashion nowadays. The poet stays is also a well-known style of collar which has long and pointed ends.

The most common problem that arises when you are wearing a shirt with a crisp, new collar is that, it tends to wilt down within a few hours after use. This gives you a very untidy look and can mess up with your image. It is thus recommended that you buy a stay that will help maintain your shirt collar intact for a long time.