Engraved Collar Stays – Best Gift Options

Most of the guys love to wear shirts. It is one of the common dressing items among men. Shirts come in various designs, styles and patterns. The style and look of the shirts depend much on the style of its collar. Various types of collars are designed to give the shirt more elegant and classy look. It may be categorized into three categories- flat collars, turn-over collars and standing collars. There are various other types of collars. Some of them are extremely popular in the market.

Chinese collar are quite popular among the fashionable men. It is open in front. It is generally short and standing type. It is also known by the name Mandarin collar or Cadent collar. Nehru collar is designed in a way that allows it to fix together in front. One of the popular flat types of collars is the Chelsea collar. It is usually designed with V-neck. It is not so popular nowadays. This type of collar was vogue during the 1970’s era.

There are various other types of collars. Whatever option you may chose you need to maintain it in a proper way. Otherwise the shirt will look dull. It may turn t be a daunting task. Men often find it difficult to maintain the collar of their shirts. It becomes soft, thus marring the beauty of the shirt. Stiffeners are the best solution to this problem. It is one of the popular men’s shirt accessories. It is used to keep the collar of the shirt crisp and firm.

Shirt collar stiffener is a great gift item. If you want to impress someone, then it is better for you to choose engraved collar stays. You can personalise it in the way you like. But you need to keep in mind the choice and likings of the receiver while personalising the collar stiffener. You can engrave the favourite sign, symbol, quote line or initial of the recipient on the collar stay or collar stiffener. Collar stiffeners are made of different materials and elements like brass, stainless steel sterling silver peral, plastic or metal. Select the one that you find suitable.

Collar stays available in fabric supply stores, haberdashers, and fabric and clothing stores. You need to keep in mind certain crucial things to maintain the collar. Always remove the shirt collar stiffener from the collar of the shirt before dry cleaning or ironing, otherwise the shirt may get damaged.

Online shopping is a great idea. You can order for a collar stiffener from an online store. It allows you to shop more easily and conveniently. It saves much of your precious time and energy. Moreover you can get wide varieties of options in the online stores. You can make a better comparison of price, colour and design.

Training Your Labrador Retriever – Choosing the Right Collar

Labrador Retriever training can be a trying experience that can be made easier with the correct collar choice. There are several types of collar that are used by trainers to make their life easier when training a boisterous Lab. Some of these collars can be helpful in certain cases, some can be outright dangerous to the dog, and some can be detrimental to training progress.

The types of collar are Flat collar, Choke Collar and Spike Collar. Flat collars come in many designs and widths. You have the choice of color, design and decoration. There are also several buckle types. Does your boy need to feel macho; you can pick a black leather collar with studs. Perhaps your little girl needs to feel a bit more dainty; a thin pink collar with a bow may be more your style. For training, a utilitarian collar made from woven nylon or leather is the best choice width should be ¾ to 1 inch and the length will vary depending on the neck of your dog. Metal buckles provide a secure way to attach the ends but the plastic clip type closure will work just as well. Make sure that the ring that is on the collar is welded, as a strong Lab, intent on chasing the local squirrel, will exert quite a bit of force on this point.

Choke and Spike collars are specified by lazy trainers. These trainers wish to get quick results; move on to the next client and with any luck, the clients will come back in the future to have the behavior problems that are created by these collars corrected. These two types of collar act by causing pain to the dog. Spike collars can actually damage the dog’s neck by piercing the skin if the correction is severe enough. Spike and choke collars have been shown to damage a dog’s larynx.

The correction provided by Spike and Choke collars is known as negative reinforcement. If the dog is not doing what you wish, they get a correction to induce them to do the correct behavior. The main problem with these collars is that negative reinforcement does not make for a happy dog. Negative reinforcement has been shown in clinical trials to have short term benefits whereas positive reinforcement provides long term results.

There is yet another form of collar that can be used to control a dog at a distance. This is the electronic collar, known as an e-collar. These come in several forms. The most common of these is provided to establish a fence around the perimeter of your yard. These collars deliver a shock to the dog when a certain condition is met. Many will provide a tone that can precede the shock or can provide a good dog indication. These collars can be effective at reducing unwanted behaviors they can also cause problems if used incorrectly. When used as an electronic fence, you must keep in mind that this only works for the dog wearing the e-collar. I will not prevent other animals from entering your property and causing problems with your dog. This collar also provides negative reinforcement and has the same problems shown with the other negative reinforcement collars.

Where to Buy Collar Stays

Collar stays are no longer considered an object of luxury, but an object of necessity. The clothes worn by an individual and the cleanliness he possess, says a lot about the man. Thus, to reflect a good personality of yourself, you need to maintain a neat look wearing well ironed clothes and stiff shirt collars all the time. To achieve this look might seem difficult, because the shirt collars often tend to tousle and wilt after constant wear over a couple of hours, but you can use a shirt stay to maintain crisp and flat collars all day long.

Shirt collar stays are used by most corporate people to maintain stiff collars all around the day. Shirt collars can be found at any men’s garment store or haberdashers or with men’s tailors. They are available in various sizes and materials. Primarily, shirt stays are of two types – permanent and temporary. The permanent shirt stays have to be stitched underneath the shirt collars or with the collars in order to keep the collars flat and straight all the time. The temporary ones on the other hand can be slid under the shirt collars to straighten them up, after which they can be removed.

These are available in various different types of material from metal to bone, plastic, sterling silver and even horn. The metal shirt stays are available in stainless steel and even brass. They are very rigid and firm and hence shape up the collar in a short period of time. The plastic collar stays are light-weight and also durable. The shirt collar are available in different sizes – from the small and flat ones for shirts with short collars and the ones with long hands for shirts with long collars. You can choose from them easily according to your needs.

Recently there has been a launch of Magnetic collar stays, which promise to make the normal collared shirts look like the hidden button down collar shirts. The magnetic collar is actually a thin piece of magnet that is shaped in the form of a collar and is to be inserted into your shirt collar pocket, after which you can place the magnetic buttons on the inside of the shirt to button down the collar. This way, the shirt’s collar is well placed all the time and can also be adjusted by sliding the collar.